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General Tso’s Ling Cod

I don’t think of myself as being a superstitious person.  I know fishermen are renowned for being so, but I consider myself a bit more reasoned. Take the famous superstition of bananas being bad luck on a boat as an example.  I have always considered that to be complete hogwash.  The fact that I have never brought, or allowed anyone else…

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Crab Scotch Eggs

Apparently Boxers British Pub in New York City is gone now.  According to an internet search, the only place in New York called Boxers these days is a gay sports bar.   The place I used to go to with that name had a somewhat different theme. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Boxers was a cool British…

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When the Chips are Down

I suppose I owe you guys one, seeing as my last post didn’t include a recipe. Not that I want this site to be locked into a formula: story/recipe/repeat. From the beginning, I wanted the blog to be an honest refection of what I’m doing and/or what’s on my mind. If I’m fishing, I’ll talk about that. If I’m cooking,…

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