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Skagit River Sockeye Salmon

It feels like I’m going back to the beginning this time around.  My very first post about salmon was on sockeye from the Skagit River.   Now it’s a few years later, I’m a little more seasoned, a little more skilled, and I’ve got even more of that Clooney-esque distinguished charm going on. So I had a confident swagger when I…

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Steelhead with Tangerine Butter Sauce

“That should’ve been my fish.” I had just gotten my line back in the water after landing a nice hatchery steelhead, when the guy just down from me made that comment. “I looked away for a second, and when I turned back around my bobber was under.  I tried to set the hook, but I was too late.” He sounded kind of…

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River Fishing Video

The coho fishing out in the salt water is winding down for the season.  It’s time to start hitting the rivers. I like to review my river fishing videos from last season, to see if there are any areas I need to focus on improving.

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Slow Roasted Spring Salmon

Copper River salmon season has begun, and with it,the media hoopla and excitement over the arrival of these fish in area restaurants.  My first Spring working as Chef in Seattle, I was stunned by the customer reaction to the coming of ‘The Copper”.  Early in the morning of the first day of the season, the phone starts ringing. “Do you…

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Take me to the River

He walked down the riverbank without hurry. And, as it is when a man is without hurry, when a man has neither a goal nor a destination, he looked upon things and saw things. ~Herman Hesse When I was growing up, this time of year was magazine season for me. Fishing opportunities in rural Delaware during the dead of winter…

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