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Steelhead Hash & Eggs

Do you ever watch fishing TV?  On mornings that I don’t have to go off to work, and I’m not going out fishing … in truth there aren’t many of those … I like to start the day enjoying my coffee from an actual ceramic mug with no travel top on it, and watching other guys on TV catching fish.   Another…

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Steelhead with Tangerine Butter Sauce

“That should’ve been my fish.” I had just gotten my line back in the water after landing a nice hatchery steelhead, when the guy just down from me made that comment. “I looked away for a second, and when I turned back around my bobber was under.  I tried to set the hook, but I was too late.” He sounded kind of…

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Take me to the River

He walked down the riverbank without hurry. And, as it is when a man is without hurry, when a man has neither a goal nor a destination, he looked upon things and saw things. ~Herman Hesse When I was growing up, this time of year was magazine season for me. Fishing opportunities in rural Delaware during the dead of winter…

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