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Most Poke recipes you’ll find are simple “mix and stir” affairs.  I found that gently heating the oils, and using that to “bloom” the spice of the chili flakes, as well as toast the sesame seeds, brings a nice boost of flavor.

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Albacore Tuna

  Yeah, I spared you a picture of me this time.  That’s Captain Mark holding that albacore in the photo above.  If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or following my FaceBook page, you’ve doubtlessly heard me talking about fishing with him. I first met him after I asked on a local online angling forum for guide recommendations.  I got a…

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Albacore fishing video

During our last annual tuna fishing trip, I strapped a Go Pro camera to my forehead and got some point of view video of what that action looks like.  I edited it down, as it often takes about 10 minutes to land one of these fish. Check it out

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Outsourcing my Smoke:

I’ve got a problem.  I’ve got too much tuna! Granted, it’s a high quality problem to be sure.From just one day out on All Washington Fishing’s tuna boat with Captain Mark Coleman, my friends and I ended up with what I believe is technically known as a metric ass-load of albacore tuna. I’ve got a whole story to tell about that day,…

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