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Skagit River Sockeye Salmon

It feels like I’m going back to the beginning this time around.  My very first post about salmon was on sockeye from the Skagit River.   Now it’s a few years later, I’m a little more seasoned, a little more skilled, and I’ve got even more of that Clooney-esque distinguished charm going on. So I had a confident swagger when I…

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Experimenting with Salmon Caviar

I’ve done a couple different attempts at making salmon caviar.  The first was a pretty standard salt brine.  After cleaning the eggs, they go in the brine for 30 minutes, then get rinsed and are allowed to drain overnight before getting jarred.  It lasts for a while in the fridge after curing, but vacuum sealing the jars will extend that quite a…

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Rite of Spring

After coming in like a lion, March is currently lambing us on it’s way out.  This weekend is supposed sunny and near 70.  Given that I just had a start-of-season tune up done on my boat, I’m thinking this weekend will be a good chance to get her out on the water, blow the dust off her and warm up…

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