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Easy Chowder Base

It’s soup season, and I have an easy little kitchen hack (yeah, I hate me for using that word too) for making a chowder base.  It’s an old hotel kitchen trick for prepping several soups while doing the work of just one. The idea is that you make up a batch of the base.  You divide it into containers that you…

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Steelhead with Tangerine Butter Sauce

“That should’ve been my fish.” I had just gotten my line back in the water after landing a nice hatchery steelhead, when the guy just down from me made that comment. “I looked away for a second, and when I turned back around my bobber was under.  I tried to set the hook, but I was too late.” He sounded kind of…

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River Fishing Video

The coho fishing out in the salt water is winding down for the season.  It’s time to start hitting the rivers. I like to review my river fishing videos from last season, to see if there are any areas I need to focus on improving.

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Crab Scotch Eggs

Apparently Boxers British Pub in New York City is gone now.  According to an internet search, the only place in New York called Boxers these days is a gay sports bar.   The place I used to go to with that name had a somewhat different theme. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Boxers was a cool British…

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Dungeness Crab Brunch

It was the meeting of three blogs when the good folks from The Original Fare, and my friend Alice Currah of Savory Sweet Life came out on my boat for a morning of crabbing and dining by the Sound. Here is the video they made.

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Albacore fishing video

During our last annual tuna fishing trip, I strapped a Go Pro camera to my forehead and got some point of view video of what that action looks like.  I edited it down, as it often takes about 10 minutes to land one of these fish. Check it out

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