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Rite of Spring

After coming in like a lion, March is currently lambing us on it’s way out.  This weekend is supposed sunny and near 70.  Given that I just had a start-of-season tune up done on my boat, I’m thinking this weekend will be a good chance to get her out on the water, blow the dust off her and warm up the engines for the season.
I’m planning to take her out on Lake, sport around in the fresh water, and maybe get some fish on the line.  I hear the smallmouth bass are in a pre-spawn bite, and the cutthroat trout are feeding on the chum salmon smolts that are flowing out of the Cedar river into the lake. Boat graphics
After work today I went to the storage space where the boat is parked.  I brought along my battery charger; I figured I would make sure she had plenty of juice after being stored for the winter.  Today it was already sunny and in the 60’s, but it wasn’t until I got there that it occurred to me it was time to unlash the tarp and take the winter cover off her.  Might as well expose her to the next couple warm, sunny days, and let her breathe a little. Had I thought about this ahead of time I probably would have had a friend meet me to unwrap the boat and fold up that big-ass tarp.
In retrospect though, I’m glad I didn’t. Uncovering the boat today was like pulling the wrapping off the 2013 season.  It felt like an opening ritual of Spring.  Seeing my boat uncovered for the first time in months, I swear I almost hugged her.

Boat trailer

Let the season begin!

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