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General Tso’s Ling Cod

I don’t think of myself as being a superstitious person.  I know fishermen are renowned for being so, but I consider myself a bit more reasoned. Take the famous superstition of bananas being bad luck on a boat as an example.  I have always considered that to be complete hogwash.  The fact that I have never brought, or allowed anyone else…

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Squid Jigging in Seattle

Seattle has the potential to spoil a fisherman rotten, and I’m not even talking about how good the fishing is around here. I mean that fishing here can be just so damned convenient. There are so many angling opportunities available a literal stone’s throw from the shores of this city. Salmon run just outside the marina, ling cod can be…

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Crab Egg Foo Young

The Chinese food that many of us are most familiar with, delicious as it is, isn’t exactly authentic Chinese. If you were going out to eat in China, you’d be hard pressed to find General Tsao’s chicken, chop suey, or sweet & sour pork. I got a good lesson in this some years ago when I lived in New York…

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Shrimp Pot Stickers

I’m a total sucker for Asian dumplings. Gyoza, Lumpia, Dim Sum, Soup Dumplings, Bao …. I love them all. If I’m eating at an Asian restaurant, You can count on me ordering some sort of dumpling appetizer at least. On that note, if we are ever socializing, and you hear me refer to your lady as “dumpling” I suggest you…

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