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Crab Chili Rellenos

July has arrived, and that means Dungeness crab season here in the Puget Sound. I love this time of year.  Even when fishing is slow, or dead, we usually come home with fresh crab. Just remember what I’ve told you before, the key to a full crab pot is two baits.  One broadcast bait to lure the crab in, and a feeder bait to…

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Dungeness Crab Brunch

It was the meeting of three blogs when the good folks from The Original Fare, and my friend Alice Currah of Savory Sweet Life came out on my boat for a morning of crabbing and dining by the Sound. Here is the video they made.

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Crab Egg Foo Young

The Chinese food that many of us are most familiar with, delicious as it is, isn’t exactly authentic Chinese. If you were going out to eat in China, you’d be hard pressed to find General Tsao’s chicken, chop suey, or sweet & sour pork. I got a good lesson in this some years ago when I lived in New York…

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Crab Focaccia Bread

Aack!!  I’m missing the beginning of Dungeness crab season. I know, I know, you guys are used to me being on the cusp, cutting edge, the very tip-of-the-spear of Pacific Northwest seafood acquisition. (please play stirring, operatic music while reading that line of bullshit) However, as I write this, my boat is parked out of the water, my crab traps are…

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Crab Grilled Cheese

Spring has finally sprung, at least as far as the calendar is concerned anyway. Here in the Pacific Northwest, that means we are transitioning from the gray and rain of winter into the gray and heavy rain of spring. Yeah, we’re not seeing shorts & t-shirt weather for some time yet around here. Still, Spring is rolling in, and that…

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Tropical Crab Cocktail

I’m beginning to realize that my assessment of dropping crab pots on the way out and then picking them back up after fishing as being “easy peazy” may not be universally agreed upon. I thinking in particular of those guests on my boat that aren’t crabbing and just came out to fish. It does take a bit of time heading…

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