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General Tso’s Ling Cod

I don’t think of myself as being a superstitious person.  I know fishermen are renowned for being so, but I consider myself a bit more reasoned. Take the famous superstition of bananas being bad luck on a boat as an example.  I have always considered that to be complete hogwash.  The fact that I have never brought, or allowed anyone else…

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Fish Taco White Sauce

I picked up this ling cod just the other day, my first one of the season. Fish tacos were the first, and second, meals I made from it.
Tonight I got my own white sauce recipe tweaked to just where I want it to be. Give this a try:

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Ling Cod: Foreplay & Fish Sandwiches

As I’m writing this, I’m just polishing off the last of my ling cod from the 2014 catch.  I shall not comment as to whether or not there is a single tear running down my cheek. Damn, that six week season goes by quickly.  I miss fishing for them already.  Not only are these fearsome looking beasts filled with delicious white meat,…

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Dialing in on Lingcod Fishing

I don’t know about you, but when I first saw that huge boney mouth that ling cods have, with all those nasty looking teeth, I thought it must be a savage hit when they strike your line. I figured a nasty looking predator like that must just come up and annihilate your bait, probably half ripping the rod out of…

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Grilled Seafood Skewers

Wow, we just went from a slow crawl to a full sprint with the fishing opportunities. In the last week, ling cod, halibut, and spot prawn seasons all opened around here. I’ve been so busy fishing, nay, catching, and cooking said catch; I haven’t had a chance to do any writing.

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When the Chips are Down

I suppose I owe you guys one, seeing as my last post didn’t include a recipe. Not that I want this site to be locked into a formula: story/recipe/repeat. From the beginning, I wanted the blog to be an honest refection of what I’m doing and/or what’s on my mind. If I’m fishing, I’ll talk about that. If I’m cooking,…

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