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Into the Pink

  Once every two years, a remarkable angling event happens here in the Pacific Northwest. Pink, or “humpie” salmon make their bi-annual return to our waters, in numbers between 6 and 8 million.  You heard me right, that’s million with an “illion”.  It’s like a freakin’ Egyptian biblical plague of pink salmon around here.  Only these plague beasts taste great smoked,…

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Apple Cider Reduction

There is a tradition among some old European cultures that during the harvest celebration meal, which is what Thanksgiving essentially is, that at least a little bit of all the foods you raised, harvested or caught that year should be represented on your table.  If you didn’t, you weren’t showing proper thanks for the bounty of the year and were…

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Hot Grill on Grill Action

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people for whom barbecue season lasts well into the fall.  In fact during July and August, standing over the grill can get a little sweaty for my tastes.  In September & October though, when the air is a little more …. crisp, that’s my favorite time to light up the…

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Two Grills, One Coho

I warned you that there would be a lot of salmon talk on here for a while. Hey, I’m in the Pacific Northwest and from late July through late September salmon rules the roost here. Don’t worry, once this is over I’m going to be talking about plenty of other great seafood. In fact we have a tuna fish trip…

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White King Salmon with Rainier Cherry Gastrique

Let me regale you with a tale of the bygone era of a couple weeks ago. It was a simpler time when I had the pleasure of taking a friend out for his first fishing trip and put him on his first king salmon. That was a cool moment and an exciting one. Especially since the reel mount on the…

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Lo…. The King approacheth!

Ummm… king salmon that is.   Sorry for the confusion there, Bugs. That’s right, the sweetest peaches of  Seattle area fishing are showing up now, and I feel like a kid at Christmas. Like most anglers, I want to try all different kinds of fishing.  I have a bucket list a mile long of various places and styles of angling…

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