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Easy Chowder Base

It’s soup season, and I have an easy little kitchen hack (yeah, I hate me for using that word too) for making a chowder base.  It’s an old hotel kitchen trick for prepping several soups while doing the work of just one. The idea is that you make up a batch of the base.  You divide it into containers that you…

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Lo…. The King approacheth!

Ummm… king salmon that is.   Sorry for the confusion there, Bugs. That’s right, the sweetest peaches of  Seattle area fishing are showing up now, and I feel like a kid at Christmas. Like most anglers, I want to try all different kinds of fishing.  I have a bucket list a mile long of various places and styles of angling…

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Not your Madre’s Ceviché

There’s a lot going on right now.  We’re currently fishing for ling cod around here and I have plenty so say about catching and especially cooking those.  They are some delicious fish. Plus the local halibut season just ended and I’ve got a season wrap-up to share along with my recipe for cooking it with a rhubarb ginger glaze. Oh…

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Into the Riggings!

I was a good boy this past weekend. I got all the chores on my to-do list completed, well … everything on my fishing to-do list anyway. I still haven’t gotten around to doing laundry, cleaning the living room or taking out the recycling. In my defense though, this week is the opening of ling cod, shrimp and halibut seasons. A man…

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